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All About Leo Tolstoy
Influence on World Literature
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      Tolstoy's influence on literature throughout the world was in part with his audience finding and following his purpose in life. Tolstoy emerged from his agonized quest for the purpose of life with the simple answer that it was "to do good," an insight that he elaborated into a system of Christian anarchy. He renounced organized religion, government, and private property in favor of a faith in the individual’s divinely given power to discern the good—a conviction derived from his perception of the simple faith of the peasants and from his study of Christ’s words.
       Tolstoy also influenced many minds in Russia because he caused them to question all the happenings within the country.  One persona whom he really influenced was that of Ghandi and his mission.  Gandhi read Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God is Within You in 1894 and turned his attention to the concept of nonviolence. At the age of 25, it made a deep impression on him.